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Handling complaints

Credit Management Ireland sets great store by the quick and correct handling of all possible complaints about our services as your comments or remarks give us the opportunity to improve ourselves. We kindly ask you to notify us of your complaint in writing. This can be done by regular post or by email: office@creditmanagementireland.com

Jurisdiction Chamber of Court Bailiffs

When the handling of your complaint has not resulted in a satisfactory result, you can turn to the Chamber of Court Bailiffs in Dublin.

As a disciplinary court, the Chamber of Court Bailiffs has the jurisdiction to pass judgement on a complaint that deals with the bailiff as a civil servant (the official actions), but also when the bailiff acts on behalf of a debt collection agency.

The Chamber is not authorised to:

  • Pass a sentence on the possible liability of the bailiff. Such claims need to be filed before the competent civil court.
  • Remove attachments or adjust the protected earnings level.
  • To order to court bailiffs to compensate for possible incurred damages.

Please Note!

The filing of a complaint will not suspend any enforcement measures announced by the court bailiff, such as attachment on property and/or movable assets of the sale of seized property and/or movable assets.